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The Rain in Spain falls mainly in Periana!

Posted on November 4, 2012

So I think Eliza Doolittle was mistaken as we are certainly not on the plains of Spain.

Last weekend Periana experienced the most rain for years with over 6 inches falling in a couple of days. In one period of four hours a quarter of the annual rainfall came down. More like a waterfall than rain and there was lots of damage to roads and low lying properties.

Fortunately despite the access road to Cantueso being unmade we escaped reasonably well and the main problem for the village was the blocking of the main road. As you can see from the photos there were rock falls and mudslides near the newly constructed “Mirador” which is on the left as you approach the village.

You can see a graph of the lake levels here. and then select La Vinuela from the drop down box. The line going almost vertically is the current level and is a good indication of the speed with which the water levels rose. Another interesting weather source is one we have mentioned before run by local man Harry Happe. His site is one of only two in Spain that does manual forecasting rather than computer predictions. His site is a mine of weather information and even has links to a tracking chart that shows live flight arrivals to Malaga airport. And when you get bored with aeroplanes you can also see a similar chart tracking ship movements along the coast.

Final note for those of you, who like me work in “old money”, where the Spanish sites predict rainfall in litres per square meter this equals 1 millimetre. Therefore 25 l per sq/m = 1 inch.

All photos by kind permission of the Periana blog

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Don’t They Know it’s Winter?

Posted on January 4, 2012

We have had the most wonderful three or four weeks in Periana with unseasonally high temperatures of up to 74° F (23° C) and no rain. Diners at our restaurant have been able to eat on the terrace every lunchtime and enjoy the views over Lake Viñuela. At the same time last year we had eight inches (200mm) of rain in one week!

Periana is very much a farming area and the three hundred or so families that grow olives have had beautiful weather for the harvest, which runs from November to March, but unfortunately lack of rain means the fruit is much smaller than normal. And considering they only get one crop and hence one pay day each year it matters.

Mimosa blooming early

  The trees and shrubs are so confused that they are flowering about a month earlier than usual. These pictures were taken a week ago at Cantueso and we fear that a frost this month will upset things for the real spring.

Almond: Normally the first blossom we see


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What’s the Weather like in Tokyo?

Posted on September 4, 2010

Unless you are of a certain age or a fan of Tony Hancock my feeble attempt at a joke will have passed you by, so we will start again.

What's the Weather like in Periana?

That's better, and let me say straight away our favourite weather site is Meteo Malaga.  It is run by a German fellow called Harry Happe who has a weather station situated high above the Eastern end of Lake Vinuela.   The site is special for many reasons not least of which is the accuracy of forecasts.   Harry claims to be the only site in Southern Spain, with the exception of a USAF base, that does manual forecasts.   The others are computer generated.  The site has received almost two and a half million visitors since 2003.

At first sight Meteo Malaga might seem overwhelming as it provides so much content. Want to know what the geomagnetic field is doing; check the bushfire index; want to see what shipping is passing along the coastline, just log on and you can see it all and much besides.  It will even show you the name of the ship and where bound.   Not too sure what this has to do with weather but it is great fun.

More serious stuff is there too and the three day forecast is the most useful to most of us. Harry told me recently that due to the various climatic influences in our little corner of the world it is virtually impossible to do accurate forecasts for more than three days.   Other sites which we give below will offer up to fifteen day forecasts!

Another offering from this site is a “severe weather warning” and it can be sent to you via e-mail.   It is free to register.   Weather statistics and even a graph showing the water levels of the lake can be accessed and last but not least, Harry has a webcam looking westward down the lake and just below this picture is one from Cantueso's own webcam. Ours looks South and it is interesting to see the difference the angle and direction of the sun can make to the two pictures.

On our website we also have seasonal data for rainfall and temperatures.

So what can you expect in Periana in Spring?

A wondeful time to be in Andalusia.   Highs of between 18 to 22C, and lows of 11 to 15C. Spring flowers in the hills and perfect temperatures for walking, birdwatching and of course photography.

...and in Summer

You can normally sunbathe and swim almost every day from June to September.   Virtually no rain and daily highs of about 35C and nightly lows of 15C.

….and in Winter

Mixture of beautiful clear, sunny days, with some overcast but warm days.   Evenings noticeably cooler.  Starts to rain late September or early October, and can be heavy but rarely lasts more than a day or two. Daily highs about 20C and nightly lows around 10C.   A pullover needed in the day and a jacket at night.

Other weather sites include the following which can be helpful if you need regional forecasts when driving through Spain for example Canalmeteo or Meteored.

Below is an interesting chart showing how the weather is in a typical year. This is for 2009 as later statistics are incomplete. You can see the original and other years her

Weather at a glance for a typical year
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