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Transporting Pets to and from Spain

Posted on December 3, 2017

For many years we have been driving to and from Spain with our dogs in the car and have always been pleased with the way they travelled. Not a bark or a whine over the two or three days we usually take to cover the 1400 mile journey.

This year however we faced a slightly different problem as we wanted to take Tom our one eyed campo cat back to the UK and we were not sure how he would travel. Would he be best in a small cage or as one person suggested with a harness and clipped to seat belts. But what about a litter tray and water? And what happens when you stop over in a hotel, with dogs that is not a problem but would a cat be ok?

Whilst pondering these matters a friend suggested one of the pet transport companies that regularly take dogs and cats in a specialist transporter to destinations all over Europe. At first we were sceptical that Tom would be as well cared for as with us, but after initial conversations with Diana at Paws Transport Services Ltd in Alhaurin el Grande, we were reassured that all would be well and that we were dealing with a professional operation.

All angles seemed to be covered, not just the logistics but also the regulatory requirements. Pet welfare is a priority and although they drive day and night, stops to walk the dogs are made every five hours. The cats are in snug cages with litter trays and water bowls, and air conditioning runs throughout the trip even when on the ferry crossing.

Paws offer a door to door service and once the transporter is in the UK a tracker device enables owners to see the progress and all pick ups and deliveries being made.

We were very concerned that Tom, who has only ever known the freedom of the campo, would arrive stressed but much to our surprise he marched around his new home and selected what has become his favourite armchair, and after a tasty snack settled down for the night. His four day journey seems not to have affected him in any way.

A mention should be made of the two drivers, Anthony and Steve, who despite their arduous journey were in good spirits and obviously take great care of their charges.

Tom says thanks for everything, including my free upgrade to a larger cage!

Further information about Paws can be seen here: