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Some People Never Learn!

Posted on February 3, 2012
February Sunset over Lake Viñuela

We should know better than to tempt fate by writing about the mild weather this winter as Mother nature has a way of reminding us who is in charge, and this last week she sent us very low temperatures and high winds. So much so, that the early blossom on our trees and shrubs now have been blackened by frost and Periana’s town fountain had a great display of icicles.

Periana's Frozen Fountain (courtesy

On Mount Maromo there is snow at the very top and this makes for spectacular sunsets and one this week can be seen in our photo above which was captured from the Restaurante Cantueso webcam. During winter months the webcam struggles to cope with the low orbiting sun as it faces South and for much of the day sun shines directly onto the lens. The Malaga Weather website uses our picture alongside their own and it makes an interesting comparison as their camera faces West. You can compare them here.

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