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29710 Periana (Málaga), Andalucía, Spain

Sahara Sandstorm covers Andalucia

Posted on March 1, 2022

The last two weeks have seen a persistent fall of muddy rain over much of southern Spain, and we at Cantueso, have been affected quite badly.
 At first a light covering of sand could be washed off cars without too much trouble, but days later new downpours had become a muddy ochre coloured coating hard to remove. Worse still were the frequent wind driven storms, (a reminder of storm Celia,) which now coated the sides of buildings

Apparently the reason for the bright orange skies is something to do with the Rayleigh effect: a magnetic phenomenon causing the light particles to react at a different wavelength. This is also why we get blue skies during the day and red at night.

Our photos show walls before and after the trendy coloured mud was added. Fortunately the weather is now back to a seasonal normal and just leaves us to find a way of removing the mud :)


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