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29710 Periana (Málaga), Andalucía, Spain

Restaurante Cantueso Chef wins Culinary Competition Prize

Posted on August 3, 2011

Congratulations to Carmen

Carmen Muñoz our talented chef was awarded second prize in the Concurso Gastrónomico during the recent “Day of the Peach” festival in Periana.

During the week Carmen had been serving up several specials at Cantueso, using local peaches of course, and at the last minute on Saturday after Lunch service had finished she decided to enter the culinary competition which was to be judged at 8 o’clock. This gave her less than three hours, and she set to work creating a wonderful Tarta de Melocotón y Chocolate (Peach and Chocolate Gateaux). It consisted of a multi-layered chocolate sponge filled with peach and fresh ginger marmalade. This hotly contested competition received over forty entries from all over the area and Carmen received two hundred Euros as her prize.

Unfortunately in her haste she didn’t have time to take a photo and had to be back at the restaurant to run the evening service, so we can only assume the five judges liked what they saw and tasted. So much so, that when at midnight Carmen collected her certificate and prize all that remained of the entry was a clean plate!

Felicidades Carmen!

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