Cantueso Periana SL,

29710 Periana (Málaga), Andalucía, Spain

New Wi-Fi Hotspot at Cantueso Cottages and Restaurant in Periana

Posted on May 7, 2011

Not many years ago people going on holiday wanted peace and quiet declaring that they didn't want the intrusion of TV, however times change and we have found that nowadays satellite TV with plenty of channels is a must and at Cantueso we provide English and Spanish TV and Radio in all cottages.

Three years ago, as the world moved on, we provided Wi Fi access around the restaurant for the use of visitors. This has proved popular but now with the increase in usage particularly from the ubiquitous I Phone we have had to created Wi Fi hotspots around each cottage. The aim is to allow guests Internet access from the comfort of their holiday home. It is still available on the restaurant terrace and free to all customers.

Many people are surprised at how complicated Internet connections can be in Spain and ours is no exception. The signal is received from a nearby mountain and bounces onto three more peaks before going down to a ground station in Malaga and then by cable to Madrid. Normally all works well but in thundestorms we can experience "drop outs."

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