Cantueso Periana SL,

29710 Periana (Málaga), Andalucía, Spain


Please find below the current menu.

Para Picar

Tapas and light bites to pick and mix. Any combination: to share, as a light lunch, or starter...



Aubergine Fritters with Cane Honey – a typical dish from Andalucía     4,50€

Baked Goats’ Cheese, rolled in Nuts and served with a Red Fruit Sauce     7,00€

Prawn and Avocado Salad with Marie Rose (Cocktail) Sauce     7,95€

Mini Battered Fish served with French Fries & Tartare Sauce     5,00€

Crispy Squid with a Lemon Mayonnaise     5,50€

Seafood Paella Croquettes with Garlic Dip     4,50€

Pork Meatballs with an Almond Sauce     5,00€

Chorizo with Málaga wine     3,50€

Potato Chunks with a Spicy Sauce     4,00€

Almonds     1,75€

Olives     1,00€


Side Orders & Salads

maybe you would like to add....



Goats' Cheese, Walnut, Pear & Apple Salad with a Passion Fruit Dressing     10,50€

Caesar Salad with Chicken, Bacon, Anchovies, Parmesan, Black Olives and Croutons     10,50€

Mixed Salad     6,50€


French Fries     3,50€

Sautéed Potatoes     3,50€

Bread (per person)     0,50€

Main Courses

Main Courses




Roast Pork Fillet with a Malaga Dulce, Almond & Raisin Sauce served with Sautéed Potatoes     12,00€

Chicken Pie with a Mushroom Sauce, served with either a Mixed Salad or French Fries     11,50€

Grilled Duck Breast with a Red Fruit Sauce, served with Sautéed Potatoes     13,95€

Fillet Steak with either Herb Butter or Mushroom Sauce, served with Spicy Fries     23,00€

A Catalonian Fish & Shellfish Casserole with a hint of Paprika, served with roasted Sweet Potato     13,95€

Salmon with an Orange Sauce, served with Tomato & Pepper Rice     13,50€

Mushroom Risotto     9,50€   

Paella available (mixed, seafood or vegetarian) – minimum of 2 people, 24 hours’ notice required.


..and to finish




Triple Chocolate Torte ***    6,00€

Traditional Spanish “Torrija” with a Lemon Curd Sauce **    5,50€

Vanilla Cheesecake with a Red Fruit Coulis *    6,00 


A selection of Ice Creams (3 scoops: chocolate, vanilla & strawberry)     5,50€

Optional – with Chocolate or Toffee Sauce     2,00€

  or Pedro Ximénez or Baileys     2,00€


Affogato: A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream with Coffee     3,25€

Optional – a shot of Amaretto, Baileys or Frangelico     2,00€


Some suggestions – why not order a glass with your dessert?

   *   Olorosso 
         **   Vino de Postre - Dessert wine
         ***   Pedro Ximénez

Wine List

There are over 5,000 producers of wine in Spain spread over some 68 D.O. regions.


Few are well-known, and we have therefore tried to select some exciting wines from different areas for you to try. We feel sure you will not be disappointed. And in the event that you are still unsure, why not take the opportunity to sample some of the wines which we offer by the glass.


House White: Viña Orce
(Macabeo) – La Mancha – Glass 3,25 € Bottle 12,00 €

A crisp fruity wine.

(Verdejo) – Rueda – Glass 3,50 € Bottle 14,00 €
Aromas of gooseberry, pineapple and wild herbs.  The ideal accompaniment for fish, shellfish and white meats. 

(Viura, Malvasia) – Rioja – Glass 3,50 € Bottle 14,00 €
Light and fresh with aromas of peaches and tropical fruits. 

Aires de Guara
(Chardonnay) – Somontano  – Bottle 15,00 €
Aromas of tropical fruit and citrus.

Diez Siglos
(Verdejo) – Rueda – Bottle 16,00 €

Aromas of fresh grass, fennel and aniseed.

Coral do Mar
(Albariño) – Rias Baixas – Bottle 18,00 €
Classica Albariño grape – ideal with seafood.


House Red: Viña Orce
(Tempranillo) – La Mancha – Glass 3,25 € Bottle 12,00 €

Lively and sparkling, with dark fruity aromas of blackberry and plum.

La Horra, Joven
(Tempranillo) – Ribera Del Duero – Glass 3,50 € Bottle 14,00 €
Well-balanced with aromas of ripe red fruits.

(Tempranillo, Viura) – Rioja – Glass 3,50 € Bottle 14,00 €
Bright purple colour.  Fruity nose with hints of fruit jelly and strawberry.

Viña Orce Crianza 
(Tempranillo – Cabernet Sauvignon) – La Mancha – Bottle 15,00 €
Spicy Mediterranean aromas. A full-bodied, well-structured wine.

Marques de Ulia Crianza 
(Tempranillo) – Rioja – Bottle 16,00 € 
Aged for 12 months in American and French oak barrels. Fruity with aromas of mountain herbs. Ideal with poultry and cheese.

Olvena Crianza
(Cabernet Sauvignon) – Somontano – Bottle 16,00 €

Intense red color.  Powerful aromas of forest fruits. Aged for 10 months in American oak barrels.

Benedictum III
(Tempranillo) – Ribera Del Duero – Bottle 18,00 €
Aged for 3 months in American oak.  An intense cherry red colour with flavours of ripe red fruits and a hint of vanilla.

Olvena Cuatro
(Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah
) – Somontano – Bottle 20,00 €
Aged for 6 months in barrels.  Cherry red colour with complex aromas.  The palate is elegant with ripe black fruit flavours.


House Rosé: Viña Orce
(Merlot) – La Mancha – Glass 3,25 € Bottle 12,00 €

Aromas of fresh strawberries and currants with a hint of stone fruits.


Champagne by any other name. Our selection of Cavas are all stars that demonstrate just how good Spanish wine making has become.

Cordon Negro, Extra Dry (20cl quarter bottle) 6,00 €

Duc de Foix
Extra Dry 13,00 €

Duc de Foix
Extra Dry Rosé 14,00 €


Carpe Diem Vino de Licor – Málaga
Glass (125ml) 4,00 € Bottle (37.5cl) 12,00 €

Summer drink suggestions

To enjoy with or without food


Pink Spritz

Rosé gin, cava and lemonade with ice and strawberries

Glass 6,50€



Red wine, brandy, lemonade, ice and chopped fruit

Glass 4,50€   Jug 12,50€


Tinto de Verano

Red wine, ice and lemonade

Glass 2,50€   Jug 10,00€


White Wine Spritzer

White wine with lemonade or soda water

Glass 4,00€ (casera) / 5,00€ (lemonade) / 5,50€ (soda water)



Fino spritzer from Andalucía.  Fino sherry, lemonade and crushed ice

Glass 5,50€


Kir/Kir Royale

White wine or cava with Cassis (Blackcurrant liqueur)

Glass 4,00€ / Royale: Glass 6,50€



White rum with mint, brown sugar, lemon juice, soda water and crushed ice

Glass 6,00€

Coffees, Teas and Dessert Wines

To accompany dessert or to take alone


Café Solo – espresso
Café Cortado – espresso with a dash of milk
Café Americano – espresso topped up with hot water
Café con Leche – coffee with milk
Café Sombra – a weak coffee with milk    
Café con Hielo –    espresso with ice         1,50€

Solo doble – a double espresso
Cappucino – coffee with steamed frothy milk
Latte – coffee with steamed milk         2,00€

Carajillo – espresso with a drop of brandy                2,00€

Café Irlandés – coffee with whisky and cream
Café Calypso – coffee with Tia Maria and cream                5,95€

Tés e infusiones – a selection of teas            1,50€

Vino de postre – dessert wine     4,00€ (glass)
Málaga Dulce – sweet Málaga wine     3,50€
Oloroso     3,50€
Pedro Ximénez     4,00€