Cantueso Periana SL,

29710 Periana (Málaga), Andalucía, Spain

Gardeners’ Dilemma

Posted on May 1, 2019

Apart from pests a much heard complaint from gardeners is what to do with a bumper crop. Hours and weeks of tender care can so often result in success coming all at once, and not to make full use of the produce is just unthinkable.

At Restaurante Cantueso we grow lots of different fruits, and are fortunate in being able to use many of them in the restaurant, so nothing goes to waste.

Just now, our chef has made good use of the surfeit of lemons, and produced a traditional Spanish Torrija, which is a delightful dessert made with French toast (pieces of bread soaked in an egg and lemon mixture) an orange brandy snap filled with cream, and finished off with a lemon curd sauce. As can be seen in the picture he has also been able to use some kumquat in the decoration.

Diners who have tried it so far have been extremely complimentary. One saying that the French toast seems to “explode in your mouth with lots of subtle lemon flavours, and definitely not a dessert to share!”

Some varieties of lemon can produce a crop all year round, and if you are looking to plant a tree and want year round lemons look for the “Lunares” variety.

Loquat a delicious fruit, but beware the seeds are said to be toxic.

We also have lots of Nispero or Loquat which is always a welcome sight, heralding as it does, the summer with many more fruits to follow.