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Posted on June 7, 2020


Covid 19 Precautions and Procedures at Cantueso.

At Cantueso we are taking even more steps than usual to ensure our guests are secure and have instituted new procedures regarding all aspects of a visit.

We are indeed fortunate in that Cantueso is situated over a kilometre from the nearest village and is isolated by beautiful countryside.  Our site layout means that individual cottages are well spaced and each one has its own fenced and gated terrace.  This means that you are able to be as private and secure as at home, whilst enjoying pure mountain air.

As well as complying with Spanish government Covid 19 regulations, we have also reviewed our procedures and aim to strengthen our viral security by enhanced cleaning and reducing contact points to a minimum.  We have also had our procedures checked out by a Professor of Public Health.

We believe that in these stressful times a holiday is more important than usual, and our beautiful quiet location means that all the family can recharge their batteries in the secure knowledge that everything is being done to keep them safe.

Check in:
It will now be even more necessary than ever to respect check-in and check-out times, as we cannot rush the changeover routines.  However, as always, if there is the possibility of allowing early check- in or late departure, we will do so, but must ask you to contact us in advance.
On arrival we will no longer handle your passports and would like you to provide the basic details in a form to be provided in advance.  Alternatively, you may send us a photo of the open passport for each member of the party.  This means that on arrival we complete the police registration for you and take you to the accommodation, which will have been prepared following the most rigorous procedures.

Details about the complex and other information you might need to get started will be given verbally, but outside your cottage, so that we don't compromise the secure zone so far created.  If we do have to enter to show you something it will be done with the necessary PPE worn.

The Information File normally provided in each cottage has for the time being, been removed and will be available electronically.  This is an important source of information and we would ask you to check it either before you arrive or when on site.  You will also see an extensive section “Things to do” with many pages of information, photos and suggestions for days out from Cantueso on our website and blog (  All designed to ensure that you can make the most of your vacation.

Cottage preparation:
Our cleaning staff have new regimes to follow and all areas including the terrace will have been sanitised.  Items such as remote controls for tv and air-conditioning will also have been treated.  All hard surfaces, light switches, door handles, refrigerators, furniture, etc. is sanitised as well as floors.  Soft furnishings have been removed or if appropriate will only be in situ if they have first been quarantined and/or steam-cleaned.  Similarly, we have removed all books and magazines into a quarantined area.  If you require books they can be withdrawn from our secure area.

This is still available in the cottages and thought to be safe to use when only you and your family are present.  It would be different in a public place where the system is recirculating other people’s air.

As elsewhere the cleaning regime dictates that all hard surfaces, floors, wardrobes, etc., are treated, and all sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers etc. will have been professionally laundered.  Bathrooms will get special attention and as always, the water systems have been professionally treated against such dangers as Legionella.

The terrace outside your cottage, including furniture, will be sanitised before you arrive and no other person will be able to enter after that.  It will also be sanitised on a daily basis.  All cleaning staff wear appropriate PPE and if you need someone to visit for any reason, they will take all precautions and only enter the terrace or cottage as instructed by you.

This summer the games room unfortunately will be closed and a more limited number of toys available to your family.  Toys may be chosen by you at the beginning of your stay and kept in the cottage for your children's sole use.  All toys are sanitised and/or quarantined as appropriate.

Swimming Pool:
In view of social distancing rules, we may have to limit the number of guests around the pool at any one time. Extra measures are needed around the pool terrace and it will be spray sanitised daily.  The water purification system is already adequate, but chlorination of the water will be raised slightly to give even more security.  Inflatable toys are permitted, if you have them, but must not be left in or around the pool when you are not present.  We also ask all guests to use the hand sanitiser provided when opening or closing the gates.  Pool security gates must not be propped open as they are designed to keep small children from entering unsupervised.

Around the pool one parasol and two sun loungers are allocated to each cottage and we ask you to use these whilst respecting distancing rules.  The sun loungers on your own terrace will be sanitised and should not be removed.

Play areas:
The trampoline, swings, slide etc will be spray sanitised each day and you are advised to use hand sanitiser when entering or leaving the trampoline.  This assumes that at the time of your stay the government allows swings and play areas to be open.

Details of the restaurant Covid preparations can be seen on our website.
You will be able to enjoy a meal or drink on the restaurant terrace, or if you prefer, have a take-away-meal prepared to take back to your cottage.  Both the main and children's menus are on the restaurant website pages.

We normally have a children's playroom within the restaurant, but unfortunately this will have to be closed this summer.  The ping pong room also, cannot be used at this time.

Laundry: The washing machine area will be kept locked and if you wish to use it, please ask for the key.  The washing machine will be sanitised by us after every visit.

Social Distancing:
As you would expect, social distancing is to be observed by all guests, and with care and consideration, it should be possible without undue difficulty.  The restaurant terrace has been revised to make sure there is at least two meters between people sitting at the tables and the total number of places reduced by 50%.
Similarly, around the pool it should with care be possible to keep a safe distance as there are two entrances and adequate space between sun beds.

These notes refer to our intended method of operation, taking into account all information currently available to us. We are sure you realise that the situation is very fluid and various government departments frequently issue new guidance notes. Our plans therefore are being constantly reviewed  and these notes may change.



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