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Cantueso's Travelling Cat reaches Germany

Posted on February 2, 2011

The animal stories at Cantueso do sometimes have a happy ending and you may remember we were looking for a home for “Ginge” a marmalade cat who had taken up residence.

Ginge waiting for his breakfast. Photo from visitor to Cantueso Cottage

At Cantueso we have 10 self catering cottages as well as a restaurant and Ginge had made many friends from all over the world, but sadly none packed him in their cases.  He was so friendly and popular that he was in danger of becoming overweight.  And after being “sorted out” by the vet one customer at the restaurant offered to take him and give him a new home in Caleta some 35 k away, but Ginge was back in Periana just over 24 hours later!  Motorways and rivers it would seem could be taken in his stride.  After this and another attempt at re-homing we reluctantly paid a rescue centre PAD in Mijas to take him.

Now a year on and they have just told us he has at last found a home in Germany.  We don't think he will walk back from there! Well done PAD.  This follows a previous cooperation with PAD when we had to re-home the last of a litter of seven pups raised at Cantueso by a stray dog.  One puppy also went to Germany and another to Finland.  We still get a Christmas card from that one :)

Mijas Floods

Some of you may also have read about the floods in December which swept through the kennels and cattery and sadly some animals were drowned.  A link is given here so that any animal lovers out there who might like to support the excellent work they do can get more details.

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