It is a beautiful village with just over 3500 inhabitants just 1.5 km from CANTUESO. It is a nice tranquil place to walk around, you will meet very nice people and can relax with a drink in one of the many bars. See also our specific pages About Periana and the calendar of special events and festivals.

Periana is quite famous for its olive oil and you can visit the cooperative where it is made. It makes
a nice present to take back home. Turn left after the Town Hall and just follow the signs: Aceite de Periana – Coop. San Isidro.

As well as growing olives the local farmers also produce Peaches, Lemons, Pomegranates, Avocado, Oranges and Algarrobo or Carob. The Carob trees grow amongst the olives and produce a long brown pod which previously used as a chocolate substitute and now more usually for animal feed. It is also known as a Locust Tree and which is why, when the bible said that St John was in the dessert and ate locusts, he was not eating the grasshopper variety.

Young Carob pods before turning brown

Baños de Vilo
Leave Cantueso and go back towards Periana and turn right at the roundabout and head out of town. Stay on the road direction: Rio Gordo and after ca. 3km there is a right turn sign-posted.
There is an old Roman sulfur bath on the left about 400m after turning off and before you reach the hamlet itself. The bath is worth to visit and to enjoy a refreshing bath in the cold sulfur water (very good for skin problems). It is a very nice small village with plenty of beautiful flowers.

Lies about 6km out of Periana, and almost as famous for its olive oil as is Periana.
There is a museum of Olive Oil with antique machinery etc. There is also a shop where you can buy olive oil. Lighter than the “Periana Gold” but interesting to compare.

Alfarnate and Alfarnatejo
Above Baños de Vilo is a good asphalted road that you can see zig-zagging up over the mountains towards Alfarnate – a pretty little village. Quite close by, but very different, is another small village – Alfarnatejo – and from there you can take a wonderful drive back down through the mountains to the Periana/Rio Gordo road again.

Rio Frio
Not far past Alfarnate is a small town of Rio Frio situated alongside the Málaga to Granada motorway in the foothills of the Sierra de Loja. Trout fishing here is recorded back as far as 1664, and in recent times there have been record catches with brown trout up to 5.2kg. The river runs through the village and the fishing season lasts all year round, but if you do not wish to fish you can always sample the trout in one of the many restaurants.

Do you suffer from: respiratory problems, asthma, high blood pressure, anaemia, fatigue, rheumatism, liver disease or even intellectual exhaustion? Well if you do, there is help available through the magical properties of honey. It is claimed that different types of honey have a variety of medicinal properties and the main types in Málaga include: Orange blossom, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Chestnut and even Avocado. And whilst we offer no guarantees regarding the efficacy of these claims ): we do recommend this as a day out from Cantueso, especially if you have children.

Honey Museum Colmenar

See our blog for fuller details


Ventas de Zafarraya
Is a small village with approx. 1000 inhabitants, ca. 5km from here.
It is an important place for the vegetable trade. The area around Ventas de Zafarraya is a very fertile vegetable growing region.

Alhama de Granada
Alhama is a very nice old town with approx. 6500 inhabitants only 25min. drive from Cantueso
See the “Tajos”, a deep ravine (á la Ronda), with two large abandoned mills at the bottom and a Roman bridge. There are several churches and lots of beautiful old houses. It is a friendly town to wander through.

Worth visiting are the hot springs Baños Arabes about 3km out of Alhama. These original Roman and Moorish baths lay within a hotel. You can visit the old baths and relax in the hot water on Mondays. To get there, take the road out of Alhama leading to Granada. About 1.5km out of town, it is sign-posted – Balnearios – to the left just before a bridge.

Getting to Alhama: As you drive through Ventas de Zafarraya and out the other side, the main road bends to the right. At that point there is another road that goes straight ahead. This road takes you to Alhama through the llano – flats of Zafarraya, a fertile agricultural plain, a silted-up volcanic lake, some barren hills and more rich land.
The other road, that swings to the right at Ventas, is shown on maps as a scenic route and is a lovely drive but takes a little longer.
As an alternative route, at the Alcaicería there is a dirt-track on the right hand side of the restaurant which will also take you to Alhama and is a bit of an adventure into the interior but very beautiful. Follow it for several kilometers until you come to a tarmac road – turn left and after a few meters turn right at a T-junction and you are into Alhama.
If you turn right instead of left where the dirt track hits the tarmac road, after a kilometer there is a pleasant rustic bar by a small lake. A few meters on from that, up on the left, there is a large swimming pool with bar and restaurant known as Pato Loco – mad duck, the same name as the lake.


A very nice small town about 3km up above Puente Don Manuel, nestling against the “Sierra Tejeda”. It will be sign-posted out of Puente Don Manuel. From there you have access to the Natural Park “Sierra Tejeda” – beautiful and great for hiking!


Puente Don Manuel
It is half way down the road towards the coast between Periana and Velez Malaga. It has plenty of bars, and restaurants. It also has two shops selling British products, one of which, “Arkwrights” is open all hours every day and sells English newspapers. The second is alongside a very good Spanish bakery. There is also a vet located behind the second shop.

La Viñuela
It is a pretty village of about 1500 inhabitants some 5km beyond Puente Don Manuel on the old road to the coast.
There is a health centre there open 24 hours every day.

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