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Sometimes called Crazy Golf, it is now available at Cantueso. The first part of our course is complete and will provide hours of fun for both children and adults. You may play as many times as you wish, free of charge, during your stay. Unfortunately it is only available to guests staying in one of our self catering cottages.

Not many mini golf courses have views like this!

No not an anagram but reference to our feathered friends the Nightingales return visit. As other years they are nesting close by and will entertain diners on the terrace both by day and night. The Spanish name is Ruiseñor or Mr Noisy which seems a little unfair!

Still on the nature front we also had a rare event last week when over three thousand Flamingoes landed on the the lake. A case of mistaken sat nav as they normally go to The Pink Lagoon near Antequera for breeding.

While we sit enjoying the hot sun and sights of the Costa del Sol it is easy to forget that behind the scenes there will be an even hotter kitchen brigade sweating to get our food to the table.

Our team is no exception and after a hot summer with long hours and little free time, we decided our chefs deserved a little pampering. They were therefore invited to a break in the UK, which included the usual sightseeing around London and also an opportunity to investigate other cuisines.

Our photo shows the trio about to dine at the last, but not least, of their London restaurant visits. It was on the “Chef’s Table” in the Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel. Our head chef Carmen Muñoz commented, no doubt tongue firmly in cheek: “The ten course, six hour lunch was a struggle but we managed!”

They are now back on duty at Cantueso with batteries recharged and ready to give us all the fine Spanish food we have come to appreciate.

Photo left to right: Joel Falcone, Carmen Muñoz-Sanchez (Head Chef) and Lucia Porras-Ortigosa.

Carmen and her team at Claridges

Carmen and her team at Claridges

Cantueso Yo Yo's

We decided it was better to give kids a Yo Yo when they have finished their meal rather than a sticky lollipop. Only problem now seems to be that fathers think they are still yo yo champions!

Balcony View

Balcony View

Well, if not better, more easily seen as we have installed a telescope on the Bandstand terrace.

On special occasions we have cooked Paella to order for a few guests but never had it on the menu as a regular dish.

This is due to the preparation and cooking time. However feedback indicates that lovers of Paella would be willing to order when booking a table and understand that it takes 30 to 40 minutes to cook. Therefore we now offer this classic dish to all. Either: Vegetable, Seafood, or mixed Paellas cooked for a minimum of two people.

We now offer gift vouchers that might help to say “thank you” on occasions or to solve some of those present giving problems, in values of 10, 20, or 30 Euros. They can be used for drinks, meals or accommodation at Cantueso.

Many people have trouble finding us and we are trying to persuade the council to let us put up more signs in the village.

Meanwhile we have updated our “How to Find Us” page and now include photos of the most important corners.

Again to help with travel, we can now offer Buggies for rent and would ask you to make sure they are reserved in advance.

With airlines continuing to cut down on luggage allowances we are trying to help by offering large pool towels for a nominal hire fee.