About Us and Risks to Travellers

Who are you?
The official name of Cantueso Cottages or Restaurante Cantueso is Cantueso Periana SL, a Spanish limited company. It has been wholly owned since January 2007 by me, Nicky Scott and my family. You can read more about how I came to be here in this article

Since taking over we have invested heavily in the restaurant, 10 cottages and surrounding areas and have a desire to make it the best family holiday destination in Axarquia. We have a “green” policy and try to promote sustainable local tourism. See Responsible Tourists page

Our staff are mainly Spanish (most important for a top quality Spanish restaurant!) and live locally and whilst they do not speak English, we do have “front of house staff” who do. See our blog re Speaking Spanish at Cantueso

How do we know you exist?
Not a strange question since many Internet scams have been revealed where people have taken up “bargain” offers on the Internet only to discover the property does not exist. You can ‘phone me any time. See our booking page. You can look at our live webcam on this website, and you can see our blog which is regularly updated

You will also find us advertising in local magazines that can be viewed on-line such as: www.thegrapevine.es or http://www.thesentinella.com See also our “Recent Press articles” and our advertising examples

And if you are still concerned we will always try to put you in touch with someone in your country who has visited us before, so that you can ask them about their experience.

Traveller’s Risks
When you book with us and you pay by credit card you should be covered by the card company for any loss that might occur.* People sometimes ask about ABTA bonding which normally only applies to major tour operators. We do not have such a scheme, however, your holiday insurance should give you the same level of comfort.

If you book your air travel with a recognised airline it will be covered by ATOL regulations and once again, if paying by credit card, you will also have that protection. The same applies with car rental. See our blog re car rental from Malaga

And last but most importantly you should have travel insurance which covers you for possible financial losses.

*The Equal Liability Rule from Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974
Whether you use a UK credit card to make your purchases at home or abroad, you may be able to claim against the credit card company, instead of the trader, if things go wrong. You can do that if the goods or services you bought are unsatisfactory, if the trader has broken the contract (not sending you the goods, for example), or if the trader has misrepresented or wrongly described the goods or services to you.
This is the equal liability rule, however be aware that it only applies to credit cards that have been issued by companies or banks in the UK. It doesn’t apply to debit cards (for example, Maestro and Visa Debit cards), company credit cards (which aren’t covered by the Act), when the goods or service cost less than £100 or more than £30,000, if you use someone else’s credit card, even with their permission, or if you just don’t like the goods that you bought, or decide that you don’t want the service after all.