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While we sit enjoying the hot sun and sights of the Costa del Sol it is easy to forget that behind the scenes there will be an even hotter kitchen brigade sweating to get our food to the table.

Our team is no exception and after a hot summer with long hours and little free time, we decided our chefs deserved a little pampering. They were therefore invited to a break in the UK, which included the usual sightseeing around London and also an opportunity to investigate other cuisines.

Our photo shows the trio about to dine at the last, but not least, of their London restaurant visits. It was on the “Chef’s Table” in the Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel. Our head chef Carmen Muñoz commented, no doubt tongue firmly in cheek: “The ten course, six hour lunch was a struggle but we managed!”

They are now back on duty at Cantueso with batteries recharged and ready to give us all the fine Spanish food we have come to appreciate.

Photo left to right: Joel Falcone, Carmen Muñoz-Sanchez (Head Chef) and Lucia Porras-Ortigosa.

Carmen and her team at Claridges

Carmen and her team at Claridges